Pulp FAQ
Can I import feeds from another app?

Pulp for Mac supports importing from Google Reader and OPML. Click the "+" button while in edit mode to bring up the add panel, then click the popup button next to the search field, and choose the option you want.

If you're using Pulp for iPad, you can import feeds from Google Reader. Tap the "+" button to add a feed like you normally would, then tap the "Import" button in the top left to enter your Google Reader credentials.

Does Pulp sync with Google Reader?
Pulp syncs everything between your Mac and iOS devices for free using iCloud. We have no plans for Google Reader sync support. You can read more about our thoughts on Google Reader and Pulp on our blog.
How do I save articles to Instapaper, Readability, or Pocket?

You can enable these services individually through the Pulp Settings/Preferences.

In Pulp for Mac, head to Pulp > Preferences... in the menubar, click the "Sharing" tab, and click the checkbox next to the service(s) you want to enable.

On the iPad, launch the Settings app and select the Pulp settings. Tap the ON/OFF switch next to the service(s) you want to enable.

How do I move feeds within a column?

Feeds in the same column can't be reordered directly in Pulp. However, you can pin specific feeds (click the pin icon next to a feed while in Edit mode) to have them automatically move to the top.

Feeds that are pinned will be shown above others, though keep in mind any feeds containing new (badged) articles will be shown first, to avoid getting lost in a long list!

Why isn't the home page updating?

Pulp constantly analyzes your feeds looking for new and interesting trends among available articles. If you're not seeing many trends on the home page, you may want to simply wait for new articles to arrive if it's a slow news day, or try adding additional feeds for a particular subject. Keeping Pulp running on your device will also allow it to analyze more articles.

Pulp currently only analyzes English language feeds for the home page.

iCloud FAQ
iCloud sync isn't working for me. What can I do?

First, make sure you're signed into the same iCloud account on all of your devices, and that Documents & Data sync is enabled on each device. You'll also want to double-check that the iCloud switch is turned to ON in the Pulp preferences window on the Mac, or the Pulp settings in the Settings app on the iPad.

If you're still not seeing changes pushed to other devices, try restarting each Mac and iPad in question. Unfortunately iCloud isn't always 100% reliable, and restarting will usually fix these types of issues.

How do I remove my Pulp data from iCloud?

To remove your Pulp database from iCloud without affecting other apps, head to the iCloud pane in System Preferences on your Mac, click the Manage... button in the lower right, and select Pulp from the list of third-party apps. Click the Delete All button to remove your data from iCloud.

On the iPad, select iCloud in Settings app, tap Storage & Backup then Manage Storage, and select Pulp from the list of third-party apps. Tap the Edit button then Delete All to remove your iCloud data.

Mac App Store FAQ
Can I install Pulp on another Mac without purchasing again?

Yes, you can install Pulp for Mac on multiple Macs that you personally own and use. In the Mac App Store, sign into the iTunes account you used to purchase the application, then click the "Purchases" tab. You should see a list of applications you've purchased, including Pulp. Click the "Install" button next to Pulp to download and install it.

I have a copy of Times 1.0, is Pulp for Mac a free upgrade?

Pulp is a paid upgrade from Times 1.0 available exclusively on the Mac App Store. Unfortunately the Mac App Store doesn't allow for discounted upgrade prices for existing customers, though Pulp is priced much lower than Times 1.0.

Still need help?

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